Fri, Aug 17, 2018

European Reference Guide - Offers of Universities in the area of Psychology in Education


This document consists of two parts.   

The first part includes information on regulations of the profession of Psychologists in Education in order to facilitate the comprehension of education and working conditions in each country.  

The second part is an internet based information tool on universities across Europe with special offers in the area of Psychology in education, as specialized curricula, research projects, research centers, specialized staff, and relevant related information. The data base can be downloaded by EFPA members only on

This information tool has merely been created to facilitate contact across Europe among Psychologists working in education, educators of Psychologists in education, researchers in the field of Psychology in education and relevant other branches of Psychology in relation to Psychology in education. The description of issues on Psychology in education in each country has been made available by the national representatives of the EFPA Standing Committee on Psychology in Education - N.E.P.E.S-. Universities have been asked to check the provided information. Checked information by universities is marked by green coloured fields in the universities list.

Update Sept, 2014