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EFPANovember 20: Universal Children's Day

15 Nov 2017

Psychologists concerned that the violation of the rights of children affects children’s everyday lives, their future and thereby also the common future of our societies in general. Read more

EFPAOctober 10: World Mental Health Day: Focus on designing work processes and environments!

8 Oct 2017

'Mental health in the workplace' is the theme of World Mental Health Day 2017. According to psychologists determinants of mental health include not only individual attributes, but also social and environmental factors such as working conditions. Read more

EFPAEFPA Statement on psychologists practicing Psychotherapy July 2017

12 Sep 2017

EFPA General Assembly in Amsterdam approves statement about psychotherapy practiced by psychologists. Read more

EFPAEuropean Semester in Czech Republic: European Symposium Ethics in psychology

11 Sep 2017

October 13, 2017 : Prague : 'Looking for values' - Aim of the symposium: state of the art in European Psychology by means of psychological ethics and promote new Czech code of ethics in psychology Read more

EFPASeptember 10: World Suicide Prevention Day; 'Take a minute, change a life'

6 Sep 2017

Psychologists worried about trend in social media ‘games’ for youth encouraging risky and self-harm behaviour Read more

EFPANew EFPA publication about Cultural Diversity for psychologists

2 Aug 2017

Culture and diversity are both challenge and opportunity. This volume looks at what psychologists are and can be doing to help society meet the challenges and grasp the opportunities in education, at work, and in clinical practice. Read more

EFPANew EFPA Executive Council at GA Amsterdam July 2017

17 Jul 2017

New EC member from Croatia: Josip Lopizic Read more

EFPAWorld needs "revolution" in mental health care - UN Rights expert Puras reports

8 Jun 2017

Geneva, June 6 2017: The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to health, Dainius Pūras, has called for a sea change in mental health care around the world, urging States and psychiatrists to act with courage to reform a crisis-hit system built on outdated attitudes Read more

EFPAEFPA News Magazine May 2017 now available

24 May 2017

The May edition of our news magazine is now available Read more

EFPAEFPA call for action: Migration phenomena and the education of psychologists

18 May 2017

EFPA Board Educational Affairs asks the 36 member associations to make efforts to encourage and support the structures of academic psychology (e.g. at Departmental, Faculty, School and postgraduate levels) in their country. Read more

EFPAEFPA committed to working together towards effective, influential mental health workforce in Europe

1 May 2017

Representatives of European Mental Health Workforce Associations welcome the opportunity to work in partnership towards an effective and influential mental health workforce in Europe, together with the WHO Regional Office for Europe. A multi-disciplinary consensus on Mental Health in Europe Read more

EFPAWilhelm Wundt-William James award 2017 winner: Prof. Susan FISKE, Princeton University USA

5 Apr 2017

The Executive Council of EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists Associations) would like to congratulate Prof. Fiske for being elected to be the winner of the Wilhelm Wundt-William James Award 2017. Read more

EFPAUN rights expert urges shift away from drugs in addressing depression

5 Apr 2017

Press release : Treatment for people suffering from depression must shift from heavy reliance on drugs and medicalised interventions to addressing power imbalances and inequalities that often underlie the condition, a United Nations human rights expert says. Read more

EFPARobert Roe Award 2017 winner: Dr. Dave Bartram, UK - EFPA Board of Assessment

5 Apr 2017

Dr. Dave Bartram will be the first winner of the award initiated in 2016 by EFPA, EAWOP, the Department of Organization Studies of Maastricht University, and the Research Institute IDOCAL of University of Valencia. Read more

EFPAApril 7: World Health Day: Depression: talking to psychologists can help!

2 Apr 2017

This year’s World Health Day is dedicated to the fight against depression, a disorder present in more 350 million people worldwide according to WHO data. EFPA recognizes the need to intervene as early as possible in the developmental process of depression. Read more


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