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EFPASeptember 10: World Suicide Prevention Day: Working together to prevent suicide

10 Sep 2018

Psychologists join the efforts in Working Together and Saving Lives. As suicide is globally such an important public-health problem – more than 800,000 people die yearly, this year’s theme is 'Working together to prevent suicide. Read more

EFPAA no-deal Brexit will betray British science

28 Aug 2018

The UK has coordinated more Horizon 2020 projects than any other country to date, and has a hard-earned reputation for effective project leadership. Read more

EFPAPsychologists for Human Rights - the rejection of those suffering distress at sea

26 Jul 2018

Psychologists declare: The rejection of refugees at sea has consequences for those seeking help and for rejecting countries – and is a violation of human rights Read more

EFPAEuropean Parliament voted on Proportionality Test Directive - what about health professions?

11 Jul 2018

Under the final agreement, health professions will be covered by the new Directive although the text recognises the special nature of health professions and gives authorities discretion to ensure that a high level of health protection is respected when regulating such professions. Read more

EFPAPsychology students looking for internship opportunities

5 Jul 2018

EFPSA service 'Study and travel abroad' looking for internship opportunities Read more

EFPASwitzerland: Quality standards for online interventions

11 Jun 2018

For Psychotherapy practioners: Psychologists and psychiatrists providing online interventions must present and apply the following quality standards Read more

EFPAWHO/Europe new report 'Mental Health, human rights and standards of care'

7 Jun 2018

New report reveals need for more humane, personalized approach in European Region’s long-term institutions for adults with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities Read more

EFPAEFPA TF eHealth about Internet- and mobile-based psychological interventions

31 May 2018

Internet- and mobile-based psychological interventions have high potential for improving mental health and should be implemented more widely in routine care. Read more

EFPAWorld Health Day April 7: Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere

4 Apr 2018

Psychologists say Universal health coverage (UHC) is vital as access to good quality and affordable healthcare is key to people’s health and wellbeing. Read more

EFPAEFPA newsmagazine: March 2018 now online

21 Mar 2018

The March 2018 edition of EFPA's news magazine is now available online. Read more

EFPAEuropean Semester of Psychology in the UK: Psychology moving humanity forward'

28 Jan 2018

EFPACall for papers : Special Issue EP journal: Human Rights and Psychology

12 Dec 2017

The special issue of the European Psychologist Journal 'Human Rights and Psychology' aims to outline contemporary thinking on the relationship between human rights and psychology, both in terms of academic and research fields and also in the areas of psychological practice and civil society activism. Read more

EFPAHuman Rights Day: December 10 : EFPA psychologists warn about violations

8 Dec 2017

Worldwide, psychologists warn about the fact that human rights violations can currently be observed in so many places in the world. Read more

EFPANovember 20: Universal Children's Day

15 Nov 2017

Psychologists concerned that the violation of the rights of children affects children’s everyday lives, their future and thereby also the common future of our societies in general. Read more

EFPAOctober 10: World Mental Health Day: Focus on designing work processes and environments!

8 Oct 2017

'Mental health in the workplace' is the theme of World Mental Health Day 2017. According to psychologists determinants of mental health include not only individual attributes, but also social and environmental factors such as working conditions. Read more


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EFPAEFPA Protest letter to Turkey about detention of Psychologists - 2016 March EFPA Protest letter to Turkey

EFPAPress release: Interrogations NO GO zone for Psychologists - English translation of Behnke's interview

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