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EFPALev Vygotsky award 2019 winner: Prof. Francisco Pons (University Oslo)

13 May 2019

The Executive Council of EFPA would like to congratulate Prof. Francisco Pons for being elected to be the first winner of the Lev Vygotsky award 2019. Read more

EFPAWorld Health Day 2019: Europe still lacking sufficient coverage of psychological care

4 Apr 2019

April 7: Europe is still lacking sufficient coverage of psychological care Read more

EFPAEuroPsy project has strengthened significantly the profession of psychology in Europe

10 Jan 2019

Interview with Prof dr Ype H Poortinga - University Tilburg - leaving member of the EuroPsy European Awarding Committee. Read more

EFPAJanuary 30 2019 Public Hearing Digital Health literacy at EESC in Brussels

10 Jan 2019

The objective of this Hearing will be to present the results already achieved in the field of Digital Health Literacy, but also to debate with the different stakeholders the role of the different sectors in this area and to discuss next steps to fully unleash the potential of this topic. Read more

EFPAEFPA news magazine: December 2018 now online

21 Dec 2018

The December 2018 edition of EFPA news magazine is now available online. Read more

EFPAJob offer for Clinical psychologist at Council of European Union

18 Dec 2018

The Council of the European Union is looking for a responsible, experienced and discreet Clinical Psychologist with strong communication skills in French and English, decision making and problem solving skills, as well as excellent judgement in critical situations. Read more

EFPA70 years Human Rights - a declaration that should affect all individual, professional and political conduct

6 Dec 2018

The observance of human rights is a precondition for individual health and development as well as for societies worthy of human beings. Rights violations often result in heavy bodily damages and psychological impairments. Read more

EFPAProlongation deadline nominations for EFPA awards till December 17, 2018

4 Dec 2018

Procedures and more details can be found at EFPA’s website : http://efpa.eu/awards Read more

EFPAUniversal Declaration of Human rights signed 70 years ago in December 1948

28 Nov 2018

Human Rights and Psychology and the declaration 70 years later: a statement of EFPA's Board Human Rights and Psychology. Read more

EFPANovember 25: Int. Day 'Elimination of Gender Violence against women and girls'

21 Nov 2018

The EU has assessed that psychological violence against women in close relationships affects about 43% of the female population, in addition/cumulative with physical and sexual violence whose impact is assessed by the WHO for around 30%. Read more

EFPANovember 20: Universal Children's Day: let's turn the world blue!

18 Nov 2018

EFPA, the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations, highlights the role of psychologists and psychological science in addressing violence in the schools effectively and efficiently. Read more

EFPAEFPA seeks nominations for 2019 awards

31 Oct 2018

EFPA's Executive Council and the different Award Selection Committees are seeking nominations for the Federation's 2019 awards. Read more

EFPAAPA IRC Division of Psychoanalysis: Call for Application for 2019-2020 Scholars Program

30 Oct 2018

The Division of Psychoanalysis International Relations Committee (IRC) of the American Psychological Association (APA) is pleased to announce its Call for Application for 2019-2020 Scholars Program for internationally based students and early career psychologists (anyone who obtained a terminal degree in mental health after April of 2009). Read more

EFPAEFPA newsmagazine: October 2018 now online

18 Oct 2018

The October 2018 edition of EFPA's news magazine is now available online. Read more

EFPAOctober 10, 2018: World Mental Health Day - Young people and mental health in a changing world

8 Oct 2018

Examples of programmes that aim to support young people having a good start in life and a flourishing adolescence are illustrated by work led by psychologists in Denmark and Portugal. Read more


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