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EFPASingle Market Month 2013 - Psychologists can speak up!

24 Sep 2013

Between 23 September and 23 October 2013 the EU will organize on-line debates on the Single Market in which all citizens can participate. Read more

EFPAStaple Affair: EFPA Board on Scientific Affairs Statement about Scientific Fraud in Research

4 Sep 2013

In recent times, there have been several reports about scientific fraud in science, including the area of psychology. Scientific fraud takes many forms, from data fabrication to “domesticate” analyses, omission of non-confirmatory findings, and so on. Read more

EFPAWorld Suicide Prevention Day 2013 : September 10, 2013

3 Sep 2013

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and the World Health Organization are co-sponsoring World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th. The theme of this 11th anniversary event is “Stigma: A Major Barrier for Suicide Prevention”. Read more

EFPAECP 2013 participants! Don't forget to activate your FREE online access to the European Psychologist Journal

19 Aug 2013

Don't forget to activate your FREE online access to the European Psychologist Journal http://www.hogrefe.com/periodicals/european-psychologist/ecp-2013-special/ Read more

EFPAEFPA General Assembly of July 14, 2013 re-elects Prof. dr. Robert ROE as president for the next 4 years

7 Aug 2013

Prof. dr. Robert A. Roe, member of the Dutch Psychologists’ Association NIP, has been re-elected as new President of EFPA. The election took place on July 14, 2013 during the General Assembly of EFPA in Stockholm. Read more

EFPAPreparatory Action: European Partnership on Sports (open call for proposals)

18 Jun 2013

2013 Preparatory Action: European Partnership on Sports (open call for proposals EAC/S03/2013) Read more

EFPAFormer EFPA/APF Wundt-James Award winner Dr. Charles Spielberger passed away

14 Jun 2013

Dr. Spielberger was a clinical and community psychologist best known for his work on personality and health. He was past president of the American Psychological Association and an emeritus member of the Psychology Department at the University of South Florida, where he served as Department Chair. Read more

EFPAWHO mental health action plan 2013 - 2020

28 May 2013

The Health Assembly approved a resolution on WHO’s comprehensive mental health action plan 2013-2020– the first action plan on mental health to have been put forward by WHO. Read more

EFPAFirst edition of the EBC news (European Brain Council)

28 May 2013

The EBC News brings you news on our work and is a platform for news from our member societies, the EU institutions and all the partners we work with. Read more

EFPAMembers of 'Investing in Health' Expert panel nominated today

22 May 2013

An independent expert panel that will provide the European Commission with advice on effective ways of investing in health has been nominated today. Paola Testori Coggi, Director General of Health and Consumers at the European Commission, nominated 12 top-ranking experts and scientists to the Panel. Read more

EFPABeyond European Year 2012 - Active Ageing and Solidarity between generations

13 May 2013

The aims identified during the European Year will be implemented through the Social Investment Package Read more

EFPAAlso for Psychologists : Looking for work abroad: an EU right

13 May 2013

In general, in order to receive unemployment benefits, you need to stay in the country which pays your benefits, however... Read more

EFPASusan van Scoyoc Practitioner of the Year

17 Apr 2013

Susan Van Scoyoc has won the BPS Professional Practice Board’s Practitioner of the Year Award 2012 for her outstanding commitment to professional practice in court and family work, as a researcher, teacher and supervisor, and to the Society and profession as a whole. Read more

EFPALaunch of the Joint Action on Mental Health and Well-Being, 21 February 2013

15 Mar 2013

The new Joint Action, funded under the EU Health Programme, will be running from 1 February 2013 till January 2016 and coordinated by Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Portugal. Read more

EFPAVacancy for full time academic position in Clinical Psychology at KU Leuven (Belgium)

1 Mar 2013

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the KULeuven has a vacancy for a full time academic position in Clinical Psychology, starting from October 1, 2013. Read more


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EFPAEFPA Protest letter to Turkey about detention of Psychologists - 2016 March EFPA Protest letter to Turkey

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