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EFPAPress release : Psychology can contribute to major health gains

1 Oct 2012

‘Preventive measures can reduce the incidence of depression and anxiety with 25% or more’. ‘Health damage due to alcohol abuse, smoking and overeating can be lowered by changing people’s behaviors and living environments’. Read more

EFPASetting standards - Discussing health inequalities in the context of the European Year of Citizens

30 Aug 2012

A spotlight on mental health and homelessness Hosted by Kinga Göncz MEP. Centred on free movement, the discourse around the European Year of Citizens 2013 fails to acknowledge the deep inequalities still present in EU Member States, such as health inequalities. Read more

EFPAExpert congress Sep 20-21, 2012 : Final program

27 Aug 2012

DG Sanco Director General Mrs. Testori Coggi and WHO Europe Strategic Advisor dr. Arun Nanda confirmed their attendance to EFPA Expert congress in Brussels. Read more

EFPAIUPsyS elects Saths Cooper as president and Tor Levin Hofgaard as vice president during ICP 2012 in Cape Town.

25 Jul 2012

EFPA EC member Tor Levin Hofgaard elected as Vice president of IUPsyS. Read more

EFPAFormer EFPA Aristotle Prize winner Prof. Alan Baddeley received Lifetime Award from BPS

17 Jul 2012

Former Aristotle Prize winner (2001) Professor Alan Baddeley FRS CBE from the University of York has received this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society’s Research Board. Read more

EFPAFamily and socialization are key to age well, according to a study among French seniors

9 Jul 2012

According to the research, to remain in good health taking prescribed medication and paying attention to diet is no longer sufficient - it’s an overall sense of well-being which is determining the ability of French to age well. Read more

EFPAPublic Health: Panel of independent experts to work on the improvement of health care systems

6 Jul 2012

The Commission adopted today a Decision to set up an independent expert panel, to identify effective ways of investing in health and to make healthcare systems sustainable. Read more

EFPAHealth Priorities of the Cypriot Presidency (July-Dec 2012)

3 Jul 2012

Cyprus Presidency through its planned activities will further develop work in the area of healthy ageing by collecting evidence and highlighting best practices which prove that Healthy Ageing is a matter of continuous process that requires the implementation of health promotion and disease prevention programmes. Read more

EFPAWorld No Tobacco Day 2012: EU-wide survey shows that a majority of EU citizens supports stronger tobacco control measures

31 May 2012

On the eve of World No Tobacco Day, the European Commission publishes an EU study on attitudes towards tobacco. Read more

EFPAFormer EFPA Secretary General Dr. Theo Jonkergouw (from 1983 till 1988) died May 9, 2012

29 May 2012

We have just been informed that former EFPA SG Theo Jonkergouw died after a long period of illness on Wednesday May 9, 2012. Read more

EFPANew strategy for safer internet and better internet content for children and teenagers

8 May 2012

Brussels, 2 May 2012 – The Commission has set out a plan to give children the digital skills and tools they need to benefit fully and safely from the digital world. The internet was not designed with children in mind, but today 75% of children use the internet, a third of them on mobiles. Read more

EFPAInternational congress against child forced labour and child Exploitation

2 May 2012

It is my pleasure to invite you on behalf of the international child health project to the international congress against child forced labour and child Exploitation taking place from June 4th - 7th 2012 in California The United States and in Dakar-Senegal, from June 11th - 14th 2012. Read more

EFPAEuropean Workshop on Healthy and Active Ageing

27 Apr 2012

As part of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between generations, the EFPA Standing Committee on GeroPsychology offers a workshop that will bring together experts in GeroPsychology across Europe. Participants will exchange about best practices and research activities promoting active and healthy ageing. Read more

EFPAAGE Platform Europe and the EY 2012 Coalition celebrate the EU Day of Solidarity between Generations

24 Apr 2012

AGE Platform Europe and the EY 2012 Coalition are once again promoting the European Day of Solidarity between Generations, which takes place annualy on April 29th. Read more

EFPA12TH International Forum on Mood and Anxiety Disorders (IFMAD)

19 Apr 2012

This 12th IFMAD Forum will aim to address the following very important topics such as educational strategies to prevent suicide, the place of antidepressants in bipolar depression, new approaches in treating alcohol abuse, improving placebo control groups and a core focus will be on the new antidepressants on the horizon. Read more


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