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The deadline for Early-bird registration is approaching for the EHPS Conference!

14 May 2014

Early bird fee available through Sunday, May 25th!

Keynote Speakers:

Ruut Veenhoven

Erasmus University Rotterdam, NL

Evidence based pursuit of happiness

Suzanne Skevington

University of Manchester, UK

What is Quality of Life and Wellbeing? Can we really measure these concepts and what does it mean?

Karen Rook

University of California, USA

Social Relationships and the Day-to-Day Management of Chronic Illness

Adrian H. Taylor

Plymouth University, UK

Physical activity, smoking cessation and snacking: New approaches to changing multiple health behaviours


Pre-meeting workshops on Tuesday, August 26th:

* Following Families Needs: Developing Interventions for Families with Chronical Ill Children - Addressing Families Well-being and QoL

* Mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for achieving well-being in individuals with health related problems

* Predicting and Changing Health Behaviors: The Cognitive Orientation Approach

* Using social media to write and promote your scientific papers

* State of the art in long- and short-term biomonitoring and biofeedback with heart rate variability

* Concepts for combining the assessment of mental workload at the workplace (AMW) and occupational health projects (OHP).

 And your abstracts in symposia, paper, and poster sessions featuring the latest science!

Please also notice the  Synergy 2014 Expert Meeting  and  Create Early Career Workshop 2014.

For details and to register for the meeting, visit .

Please notice, when registering for the reduced fee, make sure you upload the requested documents (i.e. proof of residence or proof of student status).  

Important Dates:

May 25th: Early-bird registration deadline

August 21st: regular registration deadline

August 26th – 30th: 28th Conference of the European Society of Health Psychology:


We look forward to seeing you in Innsbruck!


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