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Robert Roe Award 2019 winner Dr Tony Wainwright - University Exeter (UK)

13 May 2019

Robert Roe award for Outstanding Contribution of Psychology to Society 2019 to Dr. Tony Wainwright - University of Exeter (UK)

The Executive Council of EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists Associations) would like to congratulate Dr. Tony Wainwright for being elected to be the winner of the Robert Roe award 2019.

The Robert A. Roe Award for Outstanding Contribution of Psychology to Society is an award initiated in 2016 by EFPA, EAWOP, the Department of Organization Studies of Maastricht University, and the Research Institute IDOCAL of University of Valencia, to be awarded to a psychologist who has made an outstanding contribution to bringing psychologists from all over Europe together, either from a scientific, professional, practical, or policy-making perspective.

On behalf of the Robert Roe Selection Committee, the chair Prof. Telmo Baptista stated the following:

  • Dr. Wainwright’s work reflects a permanent desire to contribute to society and create the best standards of practice for the profession. 
  • Dr. Wainwright’s concern for global health and wellbeing  and also about environmental sustainability and climate change . 
  • Dr. Wainwright has contributed for the discipline aiding in association governance at the British Psychological Society BPS and EFPA 
  • The implications of ethics for psychological competence are at the center of his work, with many publications and also a role of activism
The award will be handed over during the Opening Ceremony of the European Congress of Psychology in Moscow on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 19.00 o’clock (GMT+3)

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