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May 27, 2020 Psychology Day at the United Nations - online event

28 Apr 2020

Free online event organised by the psychology coalition of NGOs accredited at the United Nations PCUN

News - May 27, 2020 Psychology Day at the United Nations - online event

UN75 The Multilateralism We Want: Psychological Contributions to Building Bridges Among and Within Nations :  Wednesday May 27, 2020 : 05:00 pm - 07:00 pm CEST ( Brussels time) 

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Currently there is an increase in nationalist movements and the rise of anti-immigrant sentiments, xenophobia and intolerance in many parts of the world. These trends are impacting attitudes towards the United Nations and challenging the concept of Multilateralism upon which its charter is based. The General Assembly decided to recognize the 75th anniversary of the United Nations in 2020 as an important opportunity for governments to reaffirm their commitments to the UN Charter. Multilateralism is especially relevant now as the world faces a global pandemic.

Psychology can contribute to understanding the challenges to Multilateralism and help facilitate international cooperation to deal with pandemics and other global challenges. The Psychology Day at the UN Program will consist of a panel of experts from cross-cultural, political and social psychology who will discuss psychological approaches to dealing with the challenges as well as recommendations on building bridges among and within nations.

Speakers will include:

• Dr Fathali Moghaddam Professor of Psychology Georgetown University

• Dr Michelle Gelfand Professor of Psychology University of Maryland

• Dr. Sarah Lyons-Padilla Research Scientist, Stanford SPARQ

• Dr Susan Michie Professor of Health Psychology University College of London

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