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European Commission Work Programme 2010

9 Apr 2010

European Commission presents Work program to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the regions

Strategic initiatives scheduled for adoption in 2010*

*Initiatives, which the Commission is committed to adopt in 2010 (9 months: April – December).

Communication on a European Plan for Research and Innovation (3rd quarter)


The European Plan for Research and Innovation will propose an indicator to track innovation, asannounced in the Europe 2020 Communication. It will also specify a policy framework for developing European Research and Innovation Partnerships, developing underpinning technologies, optimisingframework conditions for research and innovation, strengthening, simplifying and further developing thescope of EU instruments to support research and innovation. Building on the review of Environmental

Technology Action Plan (2004-2009), eco-innovation will also be addressed. 

“Youth on the Move” initiative (3rd quarter)


The Communication will set out a strategy to integrate EU and national mobility, university and researchersprogrammes, to modernise higher education, to promote entrepreneurship through mobility of youngprofessionals, and to promote the recognition of informal learning. It will announce further initiatives,covering both policy and programme related elements, which will be brought forward in coming years. Thisframework will include a European entrepreneur exchange programme - "ERASMUS for young entrepreneurs".

Agenda for New skills and jobs (3rd quarter)


The purpose is to identify ways to better manage economic transitions and raise activity rates, to facilitate

intra-EU labour mobility and better match skills and labour supply with demand with appropriate financialsupport from the structural funds, to strengthen the capacity of social partners, to strengthen cooperation ineducation and training, aimed at raising skill levels, and ensuring that competences are acquired andrecognised throughout general, vocational, higher and adult education: a European Skills, Competences and Occupations framework (ESCO).

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