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EU Conference Mental Health and Well Being in older people now on June 28-29, 2010

1 May 2010

Due to the air traffic restrictions in the aftermath of the Icelandic volcano eruption, the conference, planned for April 19-20 in Madrid, was postponed.

Promotion of Mental Health and Well-being in Older People– Making it happen

Thematic Conference under the European Pact for Mental Health and Well-being

EFPA will be represented by Executive council member An-Magritt Aanonsen and EFPA expert Prof. Rocio Ballesteros Fernandez.

Thematic Conference Mental Health and Well-being in Older People organised by the European Commission and the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Spain under the auspices of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Madrid, 28th - 29th June 2010
Hotel Melia Castilla, Madrid

On invitation only.

Objective of the conference:

1) Raise visibility about the importance of promoting mental health and well-being in older people;
2) Enable an exchange at EU-level on policy activities, good practices by stakeholders and research projects in Member States, supported by the database European Compass for Action on Mental Health and Well-being;
3) Endorse a declaration summarising the conference outcomes.

Main themes of the conference:

- The conference is structured around five sub-themes:

- Mental health promotion in old age: Healthy ageing and well-being;

- Prevention of mental disorders and promotion of autonomy;

- Older people in vulnerable situations;

- Health systems for care and treatment;

- Supporting the informal carers.

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