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EFPSA has new statutes

6 Apr 2010

On 19th March 2010, the National Representatives (from now on the Member Representatives, MRs) approved the new, amended EFPSA Statutes with following results:

News - EFPSA has new statutes

Votes for: 15;   Votes against: 0;   Votes abstaining: 3
The required quorum was reached.

The main changes in the statutes concern the definition of a ‘psychology student’, the acquisition rules for national, local and regional member organizations, as well as observer organizations.

First EFPSA Senior Training Officer :

We are happy to announce the first Senior Training Officer in EFPSA: Daniel Lukas Rau from Germany. In long-term, Daniel will be responsible for setting up an internal training structure in EFPSA. However, already at the EFPSA congress in the Netherlands, he will lead team building, motivation and other training sessions for the Executive Board and the Member Representatives. We can also expect inspiring training sessions at the EB/MR meeting which will take place in Slovenia this autumn

1st EFPSA Newsletter in 2010  



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