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EFPA seeks nominations for 2019 awards

31 Oct 2018

EFPA's Executive Council and the different Award Selection Committees are seeking nominations for the Federation's 2019 awards.

EFPA seeks nominations for 2019 awards

Winners receive a medal or statue, the opportunity to present an invited address at EFPA's 2019 European Congress of Psychology in Moscow (Russia) July 2-5, 2019, a waiver of the 2019 Congress registration fee, and reimbursement of expenses related to attendance at the 2019 Congress (to be agreed with the ECP organisers)

The deadline for all award nominations is November 30, 2018.

  1. Aristotle Prize
  2. Wilhelm Wundt-William James Award
  3. Comenius Early career psychologist Award
  4. Robert Roe Award for Outstanding Contribution of Psychology to Society
  5. Lev Vygotsky Award

Nominations should be sent to EFPA's Head Office according to the procedures described on the website of the awards (see above)

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