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Early Career Award - Call for submission

1 Apr 2010

The ESCoP Early Career Publication Award (€1000) is offered to a member of ESCoP (European Society for Cognitive Psychology ) who was the first author of their best article accepted for publication in 2009.

News - Early Career Award - Call for submission

The article must have been accepted for publication while the applicant was a PhD student or within a year after the date on which the applicant received his or her PhD.

The author should send a copy of the publication, the date of acce ptance, and the date on which they got their PhD (if applicable) to the ESCoP Secretary, Dr. Diane Pecher.

Applications should be sent before May 1st 2010.

A jury of three members nominated by the ESCoP (European Society for Cognitive Psychology) Committee will decide before June 31st 2010. Only one submission per person will be considered.

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