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Dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake in Italy : EMDR Europe at EU Parliament

7 Nov 2016

November 9, 2016: EMDR Europe presenting Guidelines for intervention and prevention for psychological support with EMDR Therapy.

November 9, 2016 : EMDR Europe at the EU Parliament Brussels (meeting room ASP 3F383) 

On invitation only: event hosted by MEPs Stefano Maullu (IT/EPP) and Silvia Costa (IT/S&D)


  • 'When the Earthquake is over, but not for the mind'  

Isabel Fernandez (Clinical Psychologist, EMDR Europe Association President)

  • 'How to promote Safety with Children'

Lucia Formenti (Clinical Psychologist, Delegate of the EFPA Standing committee on Trauma and Disaster psychology)

Members of the European Parliament and of the Culture Commission organizing the presentation on EMDR, requested EMDR to speak about their humanitarian intervention on the earthquake sites in Italy.  more: here

During the presentations, the emergency response that countries belonging to EMDR Europe Association have been developing in the last years, will be described. A high level of expertise exists to work with survivors of natural disasters such as earthquakes. Survivors that have been exposed directly or undirectly must have the right ot benefit from the best specialized help available to alleviate their distress.


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