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COVID-19_Role of Psychologists in Europe

16 Mar 2020

The Coronavirus or Covid-19 is now a major public health issue across Europe. EFPA, as the European umbrella organisation for psychologists, would like to share some guidelines and possible actions for psychologists in its member associations

Guidelines and possible actions for psychologists in Europe related to the Coronavirus.

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Provision of first line psychological support

As psychologists we see our first priority in using our psychological knowledge to assist in communicating correctly about the virus to avoid unnecessary anxiety and to support people who are affected by the virus. Therefore, some useful tips on how to look at communication about the virus and tips in Psychological First Aid are provided here.

Guidance for provision of online consultations as an added value during a period of social distancing of quarantine

Online consultations, particularly via video chat, provide a feasible, online alternative to deliver psychological care and therapy. Most psychologists still prefer face-to-face contact with their clients or patients who seek help or support. 

However, to safeguard not only your own health, but also that of those seeking your assistance and the society as a whole, alternatives should be explored as much as possible. Research shows that effectiveness of such teleconsultations are slightly less optimal, yet often manage to obtain similar effects to conventional care.

How to cope with quarantine/isolation?

Useful information on supporting people who have to deal with a quarantine situation.

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