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Call for the sponsors for the EFPSA European Summer School (ESS)

18 Apr 2012

This July 15-22 the ESS will take place in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Portugal. We are inviting 36 students and 6 Ph.D. supervisors as well as a number of academics speakers from various European countries to join us.

The ESS however, is not just a weeklong event, but a research program: over a 10-12 month period following the week spent in Portugal, students will meet with their supervisors online, collect data, and complete a full-scale report to be submitted to conferences and journals. Data is collected from different countries, enabling cross-cultural comparisons of various empirically studied psychological phenomena. This year, all lectures and research will be conducted under the theme of Bias and Decision Making.

Offering the opportunity to collect cross-cultural research data, the ESS will contribute to the accessibility of comprehensive microdata for European Research Area, not least serving the European researchers' right for access to reseach data whilst increasing their mobility and cultural exchange in the context of an open and united Europe.

To date, ESS has been awarded by several grants including Youth in Action support and sponsorship from respective institutions and associations such as the International Association of Applied Psychology. Being one of the sponsors of this valuable event will contribute to the network development and promotion of the sponsoring organisations among psychology student population and member organisations of EFPSA in particular.

My team and I are excited by the opportunity to work with you and are grateful for your interest. We can provide you with our portfolio or any further information, should you require.
Best Wishes,
Ozlem Eylem
ESS 2012 Team Member

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