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2011 World Congress on Human Trafficking,Prostitution and Sex Work

20 Oct 2011

Purpose: To bring together researchers and practitioners in an effort to lay the groundwork for future collaborative research, advocacy, and program development. To educate social service, health care, and criminal justice professionals on human trafficking and the needs and risks of those victimized by the commercial sex industry.

Who Should Attend

This conference is open to survivors, researchers, practitioners, activists, students, sex workers and workers in the social service, criminal justice, and health care fields.

Areas of Interest

  • Violence and the Sex Trade
  • Children and Teen Victims of Trafficking
  • International Trafficking
  • HIV & other Health Related Risks
  • Programming Models and Funding
  • Domestic Trafficking
  • Personal Experiences in the Sex Trade
  • Drug Addiction and the Sex Trade
  • Men & Boys in the Sex Trade
  • Children of Women in the Sex Industry
  • Neighborhood & Community Responses
  • Sex Worker Rights
  • Emotional Health
  • Target Assessment & Effective Intervention
  • Paradigms, Perspectives & Policies
  • Advocacy & Social Action
  • Survivor Experiences and Stories
  • Law Enforcement Perspectives
  • Sex Worker Perspectives
  • Coalition Building and Consciousness Raising
  • LGBTQ Perspectives on the Sex Industry

The Conference will be held at the California University of Pennsylvania Steele Hall, 250 University Ave.,California, PA 15419 from November 21st - 25th 2011 and from 28th to 1st December 2011 at the BCEAO Salle de Conf & Multimedia in Senegal.

The Human Trafficking, Prostitution and Sex Work conference is been organized by the Global Women's Aid Organization (GWAO) and sponsored by (The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,The William J. Clinton Foundation and other benevolent donors worldwide

For more information contact the WCHTPSW conference organizing committee via email: or phone +1-206-339-3727. They will return your call within 24 hours.


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