Confrontation. 3D Reboot: Overview friv game

After Saakashvili appeared on the “Confrontation” package , chewing a tie, I decided that I could put an end to the series. All the creative potential went into creating a cover, and this picture was the only thing the project could be praised for (if, of course, the praise of the patriots could be of any significance at all). So I didn’t really believe that “Confrontation. 3D Rebooting will prove to be a really worthwhile strategy. In fact, in 2010 it was not the “revolutionary third dimension” whether the developers decided to surprise us?

By the way, the subjects of "Forcing Peace" and "Restart" are a bit similar. Both here and there, we are fighting with the United States, and we are fighting not far from Russia, in the south (in this case, in Tajikistan). In general, the current topic ...

The developers are very proud of this. Like, we didn’t do a simple project, but with a subtext: an ideologically true fight against our potential enemy and the answer to the Western games, where the Russians act as invaders in earflaps.

In part, I understand this position, but if American propaganda from Western scriptwriters and other Clancy TomsI am rather amused (well, it’s hard to believe that in our army all soldiers have breakfast with vodka and shoot from multiply charged balalaikas), then when our compatriots take up patriotic slogans, then something clicks in my head and I want to get angry. Firstly, in Russia they are doing this terribly clumsy. Secondly, the seventy-year history of our state as a hint ...

And so from the "Reset" carries a sweet smell ... But not very much. Let's just say that, unlike “Forcing the world” , here the process is more important than the background. And here you can even normally read briefings and notes of the military, and during the passage you do not want to close your eyes with your hand and grumble the famous phrase about shame.

That's why I decided to immediately put all the dots over i in terms of plot: very many users would hardly spend time on cheers-patriotic nonsense. And who would like to - is clearly not our audience. And since "Reboot" does not deserve to be shot and instantly sent to the trash can, you can relax and talk about the main thing.

So, the name on the box hints that the game has changed. The “confrontation” rebooted and turned into ... Warfare is a fairly well-known strategy on similar topics from the same developers. So if you are familiar with it, you will quickly find many similarities. From appearance to battle tactics. The developers themselves do not deny this and say that they were just asked for a long time to release the same Warfare, only with the ability to fight for the Russians. So they heeded the requests and decided to revive the old series, and not make an addition to the not-so-well-sold RTS.

However, lovers of the original "Confrontation" are unlikely to be very sad about this. Although the game has changed quite a lot, it certainly hasn’t gotten worse. The third dimension went exclusively to her advantage. Yes, and it’s impossible in our time to remain in 2D, only if it’s not a retro style styling and projects like Eador ...

True, if you haven’t encountered either Warfare or Confrontation , you can big problems arise. And it is possible that the "Reboot"You deleted before this review appeared. And right after the first mission.

Just imagine: you start the “Restart” , look at the crooked main menu with an ugly tank and even more ugly smoke from it, then you spit from the enchantingly miserable splash screen (you saw World in Conflict , Dawn of War, Company of Heroes ), and then you get into battle with such graphics, which have been outdated for five years. It is not nightmarish and not ugly, just in our time it’s a shame to make strategies on such an engine. And there is no excuse for the developers that they decided to use it. We spend money on games. And equally we pay both for the most beautiful World in Conflict , and for such a terrible “Reboot” .

To admit, if it were not for the need to write a review, I myself would not play further. Obviously a cheap strategy could hardly please ... But the task was given, the deadlines were set, and therefore we must launch the mission and move forward. Play the best friv games this website.

Only half an hour later it became clear: in the “Confrontation”there is something that was not anywhere else. There are a lot of different types of units, which are almost completely written off from the existing ones. Take snipers. Only two fighters in the group - gunner and shooter. During the attack, they throw smoke, hide behind it, then find a comfortable position and begin to neatly quit the enemy soldiers. The Airborne Forces walk in a larger crowd, and they already have the most diverse weapons. One runs with a light machine gun, the second shoots from a rocket launcher, the third uses a regular Kalash. Moreover, paratroopers become many times more effective if they are covered by armored personnel carriers, equipment suppresses the enemy with fire and covers infantry.

There are machine-gun detachments here that prevent the enemy foot soldiers from coming closer; and mortar calculations, making the attack on your positions very time-consuming; and scouts who quickly eliminate the enemy that has settled in the city, but are at the same time very vulnerable in an open collision; and "air targets" (as they call themselves), shooting down enemy’s aircraft. Well, plus here we have a full range of equipment: tanks, combat and landing helicopters, armored personnel carriers, supply trucks, fuel trucks - from peaceful to the most destructive.

The game is well thought out, although at first glance it’s hard to believe. It takes into account the mass of any parameters. We will have to refuel vehicles in order to get to the right point, to bring weapons to the soldiers, for grenades and missiles are quickly ending. It is necessary to arrange smoke barriers and land infantry from helicopters behind enemy lines. Frankly speaking, much of the “Reset” was not even mentioned in the similar Company of Heroes genre , let alone World in Conflict , where attention to details was clearly not one of the game’s benefactors.

And due to the fact that everything in the "Restart" happens literally in our time, one feels a special realism, which is not found in any other strategy. Take even a series“World War II” , where almost every bullet moves the way it would fly in real life. At the same time, there are more “realities” in the “Confrontation” , because before us are about those battles that can be seen on the news and in the chronicles. The effect is like from ArmA 2 , where everything resembles the existing world today.

However, it is impossible to compare World War II and Confrontation in terms of gameplay. The projects are completely different. "Reboot" is not so global, or rather, it is not global at all and resembles Company of Heroes , where they give us small units, and we use them to solve strategic problems on cozy small maps.

For example, we are asked to protect the village (three or four houses, two roads and trenches), and after we repulsed the attack, they order ourselves to rush into battle. Or they demand to take the height with the help of four infantry units and two armored personnel carriers. Sometimes the scale increases, we are allowed to command tanks and helicopters. But the amount of technology is always small. Five to six combat vehicles on average.

But if there were more soldiers, it would be almost impossible to play, because good microcontrol is very important here. Just don’t imagine StarCraft now , everything is different there. Here, let’s say, they order us, without noise and dust, to quickly and deadly clean out the tiny settlement where the enemy is located. We have a sniper with a gunner, three reconnaissance squads (as appropriate - with a bat icon) and two armored personnel carriers. However, there is no information about how many enemies, how they settled down and other details.

What to do? To start, let the sniper group go forward. They rise above the settlement, lie on a small hill and give an overview of the eastern part of the enemy’s base. There are four enemies who are standing on the tower and, apparently, are waiting for our attack. We order the shooter to remove the enemies, and in the meantime, two armored personnel carriers and soldiers slowly come closer. But tearing just ahead is crazy. The enemy may also have snipers, rocket launchers, a tank hidden in an ambush - an extra haste, and now our whole group is already defeated and lies dead on the outskirts of the settlement.
Confrontation. 3D Reboot
We fly to the rear of the enemy. We will drop the anti-tank infantry and arrange a small show there.

Therefore, both APCs fire smoke bombs twice, white fog closes the approaches to the city, and the infantry begins to erupt. Soldiers throw grenades, someone firing from a mortar, and soon the first soldiers who burst into the settlement open up visibility for equipment and it begins to press enemies from the machine gun to the ground.