Wed, Jan 20, 2021

11th European Conference of Community Psychology ECCP2021 in Oslo - Second Call for abstracts


Start date: 3 Jun 2021
End date: 4 Jun 2021

The European Conference on Community Psychology (ECCP) will be arranged by the European Community Psychology Association (ECPA) in collaboration with the Norwegian Psychological Association (NPA), The European Federation of Psychology Associations (EFPA) and partners.

The conference will be held in Oslo, Norway, from 3rd- 4th June 2021, with a pre-conference workshop on the 2nd June.

With this call we are inviting researchers, practitioners, students, activists, writers and scholars in Community Psychology, to present their work under the conference title:

« What can Community Psychology do for Europe and beyond? - Social capital, competencies, values and critical visions for future communities.»


The organizers of the 11th Eccp welcome the submissions of abstracts to the following thematic areas;

  • Sense of Community
  • Participation and Inclusion
  • Competencies and training
  • Community resilience
  • Environmental engagement for climate action
  • Building trust and solidarity
  • Community memory and regeneration
  • Transforming communities and social change
  • Partnerships for community development
  • Migrant justice
  • Social justice and gender equality

  You are now welcome to submit your abstract using the online form on the conference website

In what ways can psychologists help transform communities to foster well being for all - afer the pandemic? How can we stay connected, and feel safe at the same time? In Oslo we are committed to ensure peoples health and safety and will provide physical and virtual meeting places to meet these basic needs.    


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