Thu, Aug 13, 2020

3rd Annual Congress on Trauma-informed, Neuroprotective Care of Hospitalized Infants, Families and Clinicians


Start date: 28 Feb 2020
End date: 29 Feb 2020

Science & Soul Congress

Science & Soul brings together leading scientists, researchers, clinicians and educators to translate advances in understanding of early life adversity, epigenetics and parental mental health into actionable improvements in the care of critically ill infants and families.

Science & Soul will have a positive impact on neonatal and pediatric clinical practice with the following objectives:

  • To bring together international experts to catalyze and advance evidence-based practice in trauma-informed, age-appropriate neuroprotective care of the infant and family in crisis across all healthcare settings.

  • To create a mastermind group that will explore, brainstorm and create clinically relevant, evidence-based practice improvement strategies that ensure high quality, safe, timely, patient and family centered care.

  • To raise the bar in the performance expectations of transdisciplinary neonatal and pediatric clinicians in meeting the disease-independent, age-appropriate needs of the hospitalized newborn, infant and family.

  • To foster scholarship that will engage and empower frontline clinicians to begin a cultural transformation in their clinical setting that reflects the principles and practices of trauma-informed, neuroprotective care for infants, families, and clinicians.

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