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Colloquium LLC annual Conference on Mental Health


Start date: 28 Nov 2019
End date: 29 Nov 2019

Annual Conference on Mental Health - Theme: Mental Health in a changing world

Colloquium LLC cordially invites you to the Annual Conference on Mental Health, which is going to be at Paris, France in the month of November from 28th to 29th, 2019. Colloquium LLC is the platform where professionals, scientist and renowned people express and share their knowledge, which provides an innovative information to students and many other people who are suffering from psychological and mental disorders.

 This particular conference mainly focuses on psychiatrists and mental health disorders and therapies. This summit dedicates, to the people working in the field of Psychology and Neurology with the theme “Mental Health in a changing society”.

 International Conference on Psychiatry and Mental Health is an annual meeting of renowned Psychiatrists as well as Psychological committees. This conference primarily focus is to discuss the future of the Psychiatry, Psychological Syndromes, advancements, therapy and issues we are facing in the field of Psychiatry with mutual collaborations and organizational development.

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