Sun, Jul 12, 2020

4th EFPSA Conference - 2019


Start date: 21 Nov 2019
End date: 24 Nov 2019


Environmental psychology: “Humans in their surrounding world”

From natural elements, colours, climate changes, population levels, urbanism or architecture, to modern technologies, ecological interconnectedness of humans with the world and their social background. At the first sight, all the mentioned terms might seem very heterogenous and random, but truth is, that they are all elegantly connected by the scientific domain of Environmental Psychology.

This relatively young psychological discipline was established in the 1960s and has been changing its specific focus over time. However, it is built around one particular question, which is How environment impacts our experience, behaviour and well-being, and in the same time, how do we impact the environment by our activity?

By its novelty it is reacting to real and actual topics and thus it is helping us to understand human and the surrounding world.

Therefore the goal of our conference is to facilitate the participants the insight to the research and erudite perspective of the leading professionals of the field and open the discussion about actual topics to the field of Psychology.

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