Sun, Jul 12, 2020

EAWOP - Worklab - New ways of working: participative and evidence based workplace design

St. George's Bay

Start date: 7 Nov 2019
End date: 9 Nov 2019

Early bird rate until September 4, 2019

EAWOP invites European practitioners working in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology (WOP) to join the 8th EAWOP Practitioner Skills WorkLab. This year’s programme is focused on changing work environments and exploring new ways of working. Participants will broaden their understanding of change in the workplace from a variety of different contexts and the effects those changes are having on work design, work-life balance, well-being and efficiency.

The programme will balance presentations of the latest research findings and practical approaches to effective organizational interventions. We are proud to announce that our speakers are Dr Carolyn Axtell (UK) who will discuss her past and current research about changing work environments and Lizette Engelen (Nijmegen, the Netherlands) who has been leading organizational change programmes for many years.

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