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1st European Congress on Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment EACLIPT


Start date: 31 Oct 2019
End date: 2 Nov 2019

Update June 3, 2019 - extension deadline submission June 16, 2019

Dear colleagues in Europe,

Abstracts are pouring in, but we do still have room for more. Therefore, we have decided to extend the deadline for submissions to the 1st European Conference on Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment to 16 June 2019.

We invite submissions for symposia, single talks and posters. For details, see

Financial support is available if needed, please see the website for details.

Please also forward this information within your national societies and in your institutions.

With kind regards,

Katja Beesdo-Baum, Tanja Endrass, Jürgen Hoyer, Corinna Jacobi, Philipp Kanske

On Behalf of the European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment (EACLIPT)


No Health without Mental Health: 
European Clinical Psychology Takes Responsibility

This first EACLIPT congress in Dresden is the place to learn all about the latest international research in clinical psychology and psychological treatment. It is a great opportunity to discuss current challenges for mental health in Europe, meet experts, connect with peers and initiate collaborations and joint projects with colleagues from all over Europe.

The conference theme “No Health without Mental Health - European Clinical Psychology Takes Responsibility” expresses the organiers goal to move mental health into societal focus. Mental disorders are among the most debilitating conditions and clinical psychology offers a wide range of preventive and therapeutic interventions. Discussing these, as well as underlying etiological models will be at the heart of the conference.

Keynote speakers include: 

  • Claudi Bockting (University of Amsterdam), 
  • Susan Bögels (University of Amsterdam), 
  • David Clark (University of Oxford), 
  • Stefan Hofmann (Boston University) and 
  • Maria Karekla (University of Cyprus).

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