Tue, Sep 22, 2020

EFTA 2019 - 10th Conference of the European Family Therapy Association


Start date: 11 Sep 2019
End date: 14 Sep 2019


10th Conference of the European Family Therapy Association: Visible and Invisible: Bordering Change in Systemic Family Therapy

As therapists, clinicians and researchers witnessing all the social changes of the last century and of the beginning of the new millennium, what is now the core of psychotherapists work, which are the borders of change in psychotherapy?

Can we still think of psychotherapy as the science of narratives and conversation or are there other tools and other borders psychotherapists have to achieve? Other ways to introduce change should be produced and experimented? Do we have words for the changes we already are producing?
The contribution of writers and artists could help us clarify even better the functioning of psychotherapists interventions, those often born from intuitions only partially explained by usual theories and past procedures. Could wise men as writers give us some new reading keys?

In this conference will be enhanced the vital aspects of psychotherapists work, its artistic and creative feature, since relational and systemic grids are a guarantee of a generative and ethical stance. Will also be presented the outcomes of purposeful, serious, clinic-based researches.

Important dates:

  • 15 March: Proposal submission deadline
  • 15 April: Proposal evaluation results
  • 15 May: Early/Group registration
  • June: Preliminary programme announcement



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