Sun, Aug 18, 2019

20th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology

Dayton (Ohio)
United States

Start date: 7 May 2019
End date: 10 May 2019

The International Symposium on Aviation Psychology is convened for the purposes of:      




  • Presenting the latest research on human performance problems and opportunities within aviation systems
  • Envisioning design solutions that best utilize human capabilities for creating safe and efficient aviation systems
  • Bringing together scientists, research sponsors, and operators in an effort to bridge the gap between research and application

Although the symposium is aerospace oriented, is welcomed anyone with basic or applied interests in any domain to the extent that generalizations from or to the aviation domain are relevant.

This biennial symposium was first convened by Richard Jensen at the Ohio State University in 1981.

Early registrations are now open, final program will be ready in March 2019.




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