Sun, Aug 18, 2019

Conference : "When someone dies by suicide...."

Bergisch Gladbach

Start date: 24 Feb 2019
End date: 26 Feb 2019



Death by suicide has got a huge impact on the bereaved, but it also poses major challenges to companies, organisations, institutions and the military. Questioning whether or not suicide can be prevented complicates the situation for those who are left behind with many questions and complicated feelings of guilt. As crisis responders we are called to offer a supportive presence to the bereaved while honoring the life that was lost. We are working under very demanding and emotional circumstances in private homes or the workplace.

The conference will present international science on suicidology and invite delegates to share strategies and lessons learned in suicide prevention, intervention and -postvention. A multidisciplinary multinational group of delegates will attend. We will welcome support and bereavement specialists, lawmakers, advisors, scientists, first responders and colleagues from the police and the military.



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