Fri, Jan 18, 2019

2018 Annual Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology

San Antonio, Texas
United States

Start date: 4 Jul 2018
End date: 7 Jul 2018



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Conference Theme: Beyond Borders and Boundaries: Perspectives from Political Psychology

President: Eva G. T. Green (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
Program Co-chairs: Bethany Albertson (University of Texas - Austin, USA) & Frank Asbrock (Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany).



The keynote speakers for ISPP's 2018 conference have been announced:

  • Eva G. T. Green (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) will be speaking on the conference theme of "Beyond Borders and Boundaries: Perspectives from Political Psychology."
  • Jack Citrin (University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA) will be speaking on "Identity Choice and the Politics of Solidarity and Fragmentation."
  • Don Haider-Markel (University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, USA) will be speaking on "Political Psychology and LGBT Politics and Policy."
  • Stephen Wright (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada) will be speaking on "Collective Harm-doing: When is destructive action by our group acceptable?"



Several invited symposia and roundtables for ISPP's 2018 conference have been announced:

  • LGBT Pracititioners and Research, Don Haider-Markel (Organizer)
  • Gender/Race Symposium, Angie Bos (Organizer)
  • Summer Institute in Political Psychology (SIPP), Jon Krosnick (Organizer)
  • ISPP Summer Academy, Chris Weber (Organizer)
  • Dehumanization, Nour Kteily and Emile Bruneau (Organizers)
  • The Nature of Monoracial-Multiracial Intergroup Relations and its Sociopolitical Implications, Arnold Ho (Organizer)
  • Latin American Symposium, Roberto Gonzalez (Organizer)
  • Political Psychology in Latin America: Its Organization and Research Agendas, Salvador Sandoval (Organizer)
  • Speciesism and Human-Animal Relations, Kristof Dhont (Organizier)
  • Going Viral: Sharing and Spreading Political Content on Social Media, Andrew Guess and Joanna Sterling (Organizers)
  • Antecedents and Consequences of Political Participation in Collective Actions in Chile, Hector Carvacho (Organizer)
  • Stigma in Healthcare Contexts: Understanding and Reducing Biases, Sylvia Perry (Organizer)
  • Antecedents of Social Cohesion: Segregation, Inequality, Contact and Perceived Justice, Roberto González (Organizer)


Invited Roundtables:

  • ISPP Building Support for Political Psychologists at Risk, Masi Noor & Kate Reynolds (Organizers)
  • Roundtable on Internationalization and Diversity of ISPP, Johanna Vollhardt (Organizer)


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