Fri, Jan 18, 2019

NIP - Symposium Starting Psychologists: The Psychology Epidemic


Start date: 9 Jun 2018
End date: 9 Jun 2018


Psychology is now all around us: mindfulness is hip, awareness of yourself is important and thousands of workshops on work stress, relaxation and happiness can be found. Everyone seems to know something about psychology and to have an opinion about it. The range of information is huge, in the Netherlands everyone can call themselves psychologists or coaches.

The question that arises is: "How do we stand as young professionals?" The symposium of the Starting Psychologists of 2018 will deal with psychology in this time through workshops and lectures. Where do we stand as starting psychologists, how do we deal with the increasing number of information and diagnoses and what are the latest developments in our field? These and more questions will be answered at the symposium "The Psychology Epidemic".

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