Tue, Sep 25, 2018

10th European Congress of Community Psychology

United Kingdom

Start date: 18 Oct 2017
End date: 20 Oct 2017


Reflections and Challenges: Community Psychology in the European Context

Congress Programme



We are very please to announce the ECPA Congress Programme has now been released with a wide range of presenters and exciting topics.

The European Community Psychology Association (ECPA) brings together researchers, academics, community activists, as well as national and international networks and associations involved in community psychology. ECPA’s interests are deeply concerned with social change in our globalized world proposing a multi-level approach to social and psychological knowledge and interventions, focussing on the interactions among people in context.

European Community Psychologists have made significant contributions to the development of Community Psychology (CP) with stronger theoretical underpinning; have developed innovative theory driven intervention strategies to promote multilevel empowerment; and achieved a high level of networking creating in 1996 the ENCP and then the European Community Psychology Association (ECPA). The ECPA recently became a member of the EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists’ Association) to strengthen our relationship with other European Associations.

The overall theme is Reflections and Challenges: Community Psychology in the European Context, and within this, there are four themes:

  1. Community Psychology interventions in Europe – celebrate the diversity and reflect on interventions
  2. What contribution does European Community Psychology make to issues like – inequality, migration, violence and censure?
  3. Protection of the ‘most vulnerable’ - children, young people growing up in ‘austerity’ older people, migrants, etc.
  4. Poverty & Inequality – Feminist responses to ‘austerity’ and neo-liberalism, critiques and interventions

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