Mon, Apr 12, 2021

Wilhelm Wundt - William James Award

updated: Sep 2019

1. Background:

The American Psychological Foundation’s (APF) Wilhelm Wundt – William James Award is given at the biennial European Congress of Psychology.

The award, which recognizes psychologists who have made distinguished contributions to the science and profession of psychology and to the promotion of effective cooperation between Europe and North America, is made possible by a gift to APF from Dr. Raymond Fowler.    

The first Wilhelm Wundt – William James Prize has been awarded to Professor Endel TULVING and Professor Lars-Göran NILSSON at the VIIIth European Congress of Psychology in Vienna (Austria) in July 2003.  The second award went to Professor Charles SPIELBERGER at the IXth European Congress of Psychology in Granada (Spain) in July 2005.   The third award went to Professor Serge MOSCOVICI at the Xth European Congress of Psychology in Prague (Czech Republic) in July 2007. The fourth award went to Professor Norbert SCHWARZ from the University of Michigan at the XIth European Congress of Psychology in Oslo (Norway) in July 2009. The fifth award went to Professor Arne Öhman from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (Sweden) at the XIIth European Congress of Psychology in Istanbul, to PhD Jean L. Pettifor from the University of Alberta (Canada)  during the XIIIth European Congress of Psychology in Stockholm (Sweden) in Juli 2013, the XIVth award went to Professor Anke Ehlers from the University of Oxford (UK) during the XIVth European Congress of Psychology in Milan (Italy) in 2015, then to to Professor Susan Fiske from the Princeton University (USA) during the XVth European Congress of Psychology in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 2017. The last award went to Prof. Peter Gollwitzer from the New York University (USA) during the ECP Moscow 2019 - see here.

2. Eligibility Criteria:

The award is given to a psychologist; who is recognized internationally as having made a substantial and original contribution to European and North American psychology as a science or a profession and whose contributions are documented by international recognition which includes: fostering collaboration, exchange or understanding among European/North American psychology;publications in scholarly journals;presentations at national and international conferences; anda substantial contribution to European and/or American psychology through leadership and/ or the promulgation of psychology as a science and a profession. 

3. Wilhelm Wundt – William James Award Selection Committee: 

EFPA sets up a seven-person Wundt/James Award Committee, which includes the President, Secretary General, a member of the EFPA Executive Committee, two members from the Board on Scientific Affairs and two members from North America. The North American members will be nominated by the APA Office of International Affairs and should represent the constituencies of CIRP and Division 52. The members of the Committee should be recognized as leading psychologists in Europe and/or North America.

4. Award Ceremony:

The next Wundt-James Award is presented during the Opening Ceremony of the 2021 European Congress of Psychology in Ljubljana (Slovenia by the European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA) and the American Psychological Foundation. The recipient is invited to give a special Wundt-James Lecture and/or Symposium during the European Congress of Psychology.  

5. Application Procedures:

Nominations should include:

  • A letter of nomination detailing the contributions made to European and North American psychology; signed by nominating organization etc..
  • List of publications
  • A current CV with picture (separate jpg format) and contact details (email address); and
  • Up to four (4) supporting letters

Deadline for applications and procedures will be published in 2020.