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FEPSAC - European Federation of Sport Psychology


Accepted as EFPA Associate member by GA July 2013 in Stockholm

FEPSAC has the ambition to be an active federation that supports the development of sport psychology in Europe.

FEPSAC (update August 2015) - website

  • organizes congresses
  • organizes courses
  • publishes position statements
  • takes inititiative for the publication of books
  • supports students and young specialists in sport psychology 

Currently FEPSAC consists of 24 group members (associations of sport psychology) and - until now - a small number of individual members. 

FEPSAC elected members are:

  • President: Markus Raab
  • Secretary General: Rita de Oliveira
  • Treasurer: Athanasios Papaioannou
  • Vice President for research and communication: Maurizio Bertollo
  • Vice President for Education and applied: Karin Moesch 
  • Regular Member: Anastasiya Khomutova
  • Regular Member: Michala Bednarikova
  • Regular Member: Yago Ramis Laloux
  • Regular Member: Alexis Ruffault  


© FEPSAC 2019 (Peter Leßmann, Markella Moraki)

From left to right: Athanasios Papaioannou (Treasurer), Ismael Pedraza (FEPSAC Office), Rita de Oliveira (Secretary General), Karin Moesch (Vice-President; Applied & Education),Yago Ramis (Regular Member), Markus Raab (President), Michala Bednarikova (Regular  Member), Maurizio Bertollo (Vice-President; Research & Communication), Alexis Ruffault (Regular Member) and Anastasiya Khomutova (Regular Member).


 Website :


FEPSAC Position Statement: Mental Health Disorders in Elite Athletes and Models of Service Provision

FEPSAC position statement: Mental health disorders in elite athletes and models of service provision - June 2018

Mental health disorders (MHD) in elite athletes is a topic that has received increased attention in recent years. The overall aim of this position statement is to enhance awareness of this important topic and to critically discuss optimal service provision for athletes who suffer from MHD.

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FEPSAC's Joint Position on Professional Accreditation

Joint Position Stand of the ISSP, FEPSAC, ASPASP and AASP on Professional Accreditation - June 2018


Sport psychology accreditation is increasingly important as the applied realm of this professionspans community physical activity/recreation, and developmental and elite/professional sport. Accreditedpractices must integrate universal and local approaches

Read full statement here attached