Wed, Jun 20, 2018

FEPSAC - European Federation of Sport Psychology

Accepted by GA 2013

FEPSAC has the ambition to be an active federation that supports the development of sport psychology in Europe.


  • organizes congresses
  • organizes courses
  • publishes position statements
  • takes inititiative for the publication of books
  • supports students and young specialists in sport psychology 

Currently FEPSAC consists of 24 group members (associations of sport psychology) and - until now - a small number of individual members. 


Anne-Marie Elbe (President) 

Nadine Debois (Secretary General) 

Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis (Treasurer) 

Markus Raab (Vice-President) 

Xavier Sanchez (Vice-President) 

Karin Moesch

 Maurizio Bertollo 

Lina Vaisetaite 

Rita De Oliveira


Webiste :


Update August 2015