Sun, Jun 20, 2021

EAPA - European Association of Psychological Assessment

Accepted by GA 2013

The EAPA is a non-profit organization for people with a University degree (or equivalent) who have contributed to the development of psychological assessment.

The EAPA tries to cover a broad variety of topics, such as diagnostic processes, assessment of personality, intelligence, and behavior, observational and neuropsychological assessment as well as assessment in the different applied fields such as clinical and health, education, work or evaluation research.

The European Association of Psychological Assessment European Association of Psychological Assessment (EAPA) pursues the following aims:

  • Increase the scientific interest in psychological assessment;
  • Improve the study of psychological assessment;
  • Improve theories, methods, and the practice of assessment;
  • Promote the interest of young professionals and scientists in the science of psychological assessment
  • Create opportunities for scientific exchange about psychological assessment.

Although these aims are pursued globally, there is an emphasis of EAPA on Europe in terms of locations of conferences and summer schools. In addition, EAPA aims to:

      • Intensify exchanges on psychological assessment among Europeans and between Europeans and scholars from other parts of the world;
      • Maintain exchanges between the EAPA and other associations throughout the world.

President: Fons van de Vijver

President elec / Vice President: Johnny R.J. Fontaine

Secretary Genral: Itziar Alonso-Arbiol

Website :