Fri, Nov 22, 2019

Strategic Aims



The EFPA Strategic Aims as agreed at the GA in Stockholm, 2013 :

  1. Develop Psychology (as education, science, profession), including the quality of the professions (cf. EuroPsy standards of competence and ethics) and its legal status
  2. Become more visible at the European and global stage and act as Europe's representative of Psychology
  3. Give input to European policy development and take a share in the implementing of European policies
  4. Support the development of MAs and their activities at the national level (e.g. regarding legislation)
  5. Help individual psychologists exercing their profession and building a European identity
  6. Promote the dissemination of psychological knowledge in Europe
  7. Contribute to the quality of life of people living in Europe and to a democratic and prosperous European society
  8. Develop a clearer image of psychology and make it more accessible, useful and respected