Mon, Apr 12, 2021


Becoming a member of EFPA

Important: EFPA has no individual members.

1. National member associations of EFPA

Membership is open to the national psychologist association of all European countries but there may be only one member association per country.

In countries where there is more than one national psychologist association, the Federation should endeavour to identify the most representative organization and, if appropriate, encourage the development of a national federation in order to promote co-operation among psychological associations.

Membership is determined by the General Assembly upon presentation of the applicant association's articles, statutes, and code of ethics plus details of the membership (see EFPA Statutes Article 5).

As a European federation representing the interests of psychologists in Europe, EFPA is committed to making contact with member associations of psychologists from European countries, which are not yet members of EFPA.

Current EFPA members: Since July 2019 EFPA has 38 member associations from 38 European countries, including all 28 EU countries. Albania has been confirmed as 38th member association (July 2019) and Azerbaijan will soon be accepted, when additional information has been provided. 

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2. Associate members of EFPA

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European associations that represent a particular domain of psychology and draw their members from ten or more European countries can become Associate Member of EFPA.

An association is entitled to become an Associate Member if they meet the following requirements:

  • their statutory aims are in accord with the aims of the EFPA
  • at least two-third of their members are psychologists

Associate Members agree to share information with EFPA, to provide expertise on issues within their domain, and to engage in joint lobby activities – on a voluntary basis. They are entitled to support by EFPA and the use of EFPA services at the discretion of the Federation.

Associate Members pay an annual fee set by the General Assembly. (200€ sit 2018)

3. Affiliate members of EFPA

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National associations and European associations drawing their members from more than one nation which are active in the field of psychology as education, science, and/or profession can be appointed affiliates by the General Assembly.