Mon, Apr 12, 2021

Internal Regulations

Article 1 - Representation of the Federation, Residence, Members to Groups of EFPA

1.1. The Executive Council represents the Federation. 

1.2. The residence of the Federation is chosen by the General Assembly. 

1.3. The Executive Council decides on the location of the secretariat and the appointment of assistance that may be required. 

1.4. Minutes of the meetings of the Executive Council are to be made available to the Member Associations. 

1.5. The Executive Council may establish Working Groups after informing the Member Associations. 

1.6. Each Member Association may nominate one member to each Board, Standing Committee or Task Force.  

1.7. The Federation may decide that an Affiliate Member may nominate one member.


Article 2 - Autonomy of the Member Associations

2.1. Member Associations maintain their own identity and autonomy within the Federation.

2.2. Member Associations shall be consulted by the Federation before any significant decisions of policy are made by any constituent organ other than the General Assembly, and shall have an opportunity to comment upon such decisions before they are put into effect.

Article 3 - Tasks of the General Secretary and the Treasurer

3.1. The duties and powers of the Secretary General shall be:

a. To authorise particular expenditure in accordance with general instructions from the Executive Council.
b. With the approval of the President of the Federation to call meetings of the Executive Council or to arrange for a postal vote by its members.
c. To prepare and circulate notices of the agenda for meetings of the General Assembly, the Executive Council Presidents' Council.
d. To prepare and circulate minutes of meetings of the General Assembly, the Executive Council and Presidents' Council, and to arrange for records of the activities of the Federation.
e. In general, to perform the customary duties of this office, and to represent the Federation as required by the Executive Council.
f. The Secretary General heads the office.

3.2. The duties and the powers of the Treasurer shall be:

a. To keep the accounts of the Federation.
b. To bank all fees, subsidies and donations.
c. To present a budget and statement of accounts and details of membership annually to the Executive Council, and to each meeting of the General Assembly 2 weeks in advance.
d. To make payments on the authority of the General Assembly in accordance with the budget.
e. To collect dues annually from the Member Associations and to keep overview records of membership.

Article 4 - The Presidents' Council, Function and Task

4.1. The Presidents' Council provides advice to the Executive Council and the General Assembly on its own initiative and on the demand of the Executive Council on any matter concerning the policy and operation of EFPA. 

4.2. The Presidents' Council may provide the Executive Council with regular advice on urgent matters. 

4.3. The Presidents' Council shall receive from the treasurer an annual report of the financial situation of the Federation. 

4.4. Between meetings of the General Assembly the Presidents' Council will advise on the participation of the Federation in different projects, topic conferences or urgent modification of the Statutes. 

4.5. The Presidents' Council shall promote and propose new items to the Executive Council to be introduced to the General Assembly.  

4.6. The Executive Council shall ask for the participation of the Presidents' Council in specific representation on matters of significance to the Federation. 

4.7. The Presidents will try to ensure that EFPA's positions, guidelines and request for action shall be widely spread within their own associations.



Internal regulations established at General Assembly in Granada, July 9, 2005 

Article 1, Article 2 and Article 4 were adapted at General Assembly in Stockholm, July 2013