Mon, Apr 12, 2021

Financial regulations

Article 1 - First membership fee

1.1.            The first annual membership fee must be paid within a period of three months after the membership has been confirmed by the Federation.

Article 2 - Annual fee

2.1. The annual membership fee is payable by a Member Association on the basis of the number of psychologists who are members of that association on December 31 of the previous year. 

2.2. Member Associations of EFPA must report the abovementioned total number of their members (divided by category) before February 28 of each year. 

2.3. The annual membership fee includes a contribution to develop and maintain the EuroPsy certification system.  

2.4. Member Associations must transfer the fee before March 30 to the Federation. 

2.5. Member Associations of EFPA shall pay an annual fee per member, up to a maximum number set by the General Assembly. If the member of EFPA is a federation, the total of the members of the federation’s associations forms the basis for the calculation of the annual fee. 

2.6. Affiliates shall pay an annual fee to be set by the General Assembly.  

2.7. Associate Members shall pay an annual fee to be set by the General Assembly 

2.8. The annual fee per member is fixed by the General Assembly (see Statutes 12.5) The annual fee shall be announced in accordance with Statutes 12.5.

 The annual fee for the Federation shall not exceed the amount of 100.000 €. 

2.9. Member Associations, which have failed to pay all outstanding annual subscriptions by the date of the General Assembly may attend the General Assembly, but do not have the right to address the assembly or to vote, until all outstanding debts have been paid (See also Statutes 7.7. and 7.8.)


Article 3 - Special fees

3.1. The federation may charge special fees after consultation with the MAs to accomplish special tasks.

3.2. The Executive Council may make special arrangements and negotiate a special plan in order to facilitate membership of the Federation, provided that the plan includes a progressive increase in fee to the total fee, over a maximum of four years. 

3.3. In cases where a Member Associations has not fulfilled its financial obligations as agreed under special arrangements (art.3.2), the Executive Council will initiate the status of Stand–by membership, which has a maximum duration of four years.  

During the Stand-by membership period, the association: 

- Does not receive services beyond the annual report of EFPA 

- May not attend the General Assembly  

- Is excluded from participation in EuroPsy  

- Forfeits all rights and entitlements of membership other than those mentioned above 

- Stand-by membership is available for a maximum period of four years, at the end of which period the association must pay all dues or will face expulsion from the Federation.


Article 4 - Remit, Remissions of fees

4.1. The Federation can grant a remis­sion in payment of fees (see 2.) on application for a maximum period of 2 years.

4.2. The Executive Council can reduce or remit fees in special circumstances.

Article 5 - Changes of fees

5.1. Changes of fees (see 2.3.) come into effect on January 1 of the year following the passing of the resolution by the General Assembly.

Article 6 - General Rules

6.1. The Financial Year of the Federation shall start on January 1.

6.2. The accounts of the Federation presented to the General Assembly must show the balance sheet over the period since the last approved accounts for every bank account holding moneys belonging to EFPA, expressed in EURO, and stating the numbers of members in each Member Association. A summary sheet covering all accounts and expressed in EURO should also be presented. The accounts must be professionally audited and the report of the auditors presented to the General Assembly.

Article 7 - Coming into force

7.1. The General Assembly decides when a change in the Financial Regulations comes into effect.


These Financial Regulations have been adopted by the General Assembly on July 24, 1992 in Bruxelles and came into effect on July 25, 1992.

A change has been made at the General Assembly in Tampere on July 10, 1993, where one paragraph was added.

At the General Assembly in Athens July 1, 1995, some linguistic clarification was agreed.

The General Assembly in Dublin on July 12, 1997, added one paragraph and changed the maximum amount of the annual fee.

The General Assembly in London on July 7, 2001 added one paragraph and one article to Article 3 about Stand-by membership.

The General Assembly in Granada on July 9, 2005 changed the maximum amount of members that the member associations should pay for to 6500 and changed the currency from Swiss Francs into EURO wherever it was necessary.

The General Assembly in Istanbul on July 10, 2011 added one paragraph in article 2 on the annual membership fee for Associate Members.

The General Assembly in Stockholm on July 14, 2013 changed and updated Article 2 (inclusion of EuroPsy in the membership fee) and article 3 (regulate the implication of not paying fee for participation in EuroPsy)

The General Assembly in Brussels on November 28, 2014 changed the article 2 stating that now the annual membership fee includes a contribution to develop and maintain the EuroPsy certification system.


Statutes adapted by Head Office, November 29, 2014