Mon, Apr 12, 2021

Fact Sheet

Update Dec 2019

Basic Facts:

Since July 2019 EFPA has 38 member associations from 38 European countries, including all 28 EU countries. Albania has been confirmed as 38th member association (July 2019) and Azerbaijan will soon be accepted, when additional information has been provided.

The largest associations are those from Italy (100.000), Spain (68.500) and the UK (46.000); the smallest ones are from Malta (130), San Marino (46) and Liechtenstein (40) (figures 2019).

The number of psychologists in the countries represented by these associations is over 300.000.


The highest body in the federation is the General Assembly, the central position is the Executive Council, and the Head Office is its administrative organ.  EFPA also has Committees related to EuroPsy and Test user Certification, and the many other committees, of which the major ones are Boards, Standing Committees, and Task forces.


The European Federation of Psychologists Associations represents and promotes psychology in Europeas academic discipline, science and profession, in all its forms.

The mission of EFPA is to promote the development, dissemination and application of psychology in all its forms, and to contribute to shaping a humane society, in Europe and beyond, on the basis of psychology’s expertise.

What EFPA does

  • Representation, advocacy and lobbying at European level

  • Promotion of psychology education, research and profession

  • EuroPsy Certification (

  • Test User Accreditation

  • Support for Member Associations

  • European projects

  • Advice on professional affairs, work areas, new developments

  • Publicity and information sharing

  • Bi-annual European Congress of Psychology

  • European awards

  • The European Psychologist (journal)

  • The EFPA News Magazine (


The Head Office has a staff of 3 FTE (4 persons). This is similar to the staff of the smaller Member Associations; for comparison, BPS (UK) has almost 100 staff, NIP (NL) 60, NPF (NO) 45.

The Executive Council counts 7 members, all volunteers with a limited amount of time for EFPA matters. They are from Germany (President), Norway (Secretary-General), United Kingdom (Treasurer), Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, and Russia.

The number of Committee Members, again all volunteers, is about 350. They are from 33 countries.

Thus, EFPA is largely a volunteer organization, where most of the work is done by psychologists with main responsibilities in other organizational domains.